How to maintain and clean Aeropark stainless steel furniture and bins


Maybe you never cared why Rolex® only uses 304-grade stainless steel in their watches or why Aeropark sells only 304 marine grade stainless steel furniture. The reason for this is that 304
stainless steel will not rust depending on normal care whilst other grades of stainless steel will
rust and can break down easily.
The good news is the cleaning of stainless steel furniture is not time-consuming and is relatively
easy. The attention you give to your stainless steel furniture is dependent on your environment.
For example, a dirty smoggy, or industrial environment will require more frequent cleaning
programs as will high humidity marine environments.
Give the furniture your attention, keeping an eye on it by doing regular check-ups and
maintenance is a key to having your stainless steel furniture looking as new as when you first
bought it!
Stainless steel must be kept clean if they are to have a long material life. These steps will help
you do just that.
● Wipe down your stainless steel to remove any cloudy build-up with a microfibre cloth.
The cloth is uniquely soft and it is designed to remove the slight oxidation without the
need for chemical or mechanical cleaners.
● Use a pH-neutral detergent with warm soapy water to wash the furniture using a soft
cloth. This is most likely needed only 1-2 times a year, as stainless steel is quite
resistant to oxidation and retention of residue.
● Follow the original lines in the polish whilst you wash. Rinse thoroughly with clean water.
● Use 3M® Scotch Brite Pad or stainless steel cleaner to remove fingerprints or stains.
Scotchbrite® pad can be used to brighten the material before applying a 3M® stainless
steel cleaner. This process, however, is not necessary if routine maintenance is carried
Avoid heavy cleaning using harsh chemicals such as bleach or hard tools such as steel wool
and metallic scrapers. These will destroy the integrity of the stainless steel.

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