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Outfitting the waiting room of your office can become an expensive task depending on the size of your front lobby and the type of business you run. You will need to set up a statement reception desk for use as the focal point in the room. Include occasional tables and decor to give the space a professional feel and, also important, the right seating to keep your guests comfortable while they wait. Furnishing a large lobby or a little waiting area? No problem at all!
Here’s how you can get the look you want in your waiting room without busting your budget.

Built-in Look for Less
If you are after a customized, built-in reception desk, you might want to consider a statement desk that is only a fraction of the price of a true built-in. There are many reception desks in a variety of configurations to fit your space, and each desk can come with a slick laminated finish and a glass transaction top to create a custom furniture appearance. These can be purchased at a fraction of the price of custom-built receptionist desks.

In order to complement the modern  style reception desk, integrate slick, minimalist artwork and decor into your lobby, including canvas prints, real or faux flowers, and abstract sculptures for your bookshelves.

We also recommend you select a waiting room seating that has a modern aesthetic, which can be achieved by selecting guest chairs having a metal framework or large, cushy lounge seating. Aeropark’s range of moulded timber beam seating or full sofa seating can provide this.

A Complete Waiting Room Look for Less
Yes! Choosing a waiting room collection that includes a reception desk, guest chairs, lounge seating and occasional tables with a matching look is having it all. All of Aeropark’s range make outfitting a waiting room less stressful.

We recommend choosing the size and style of your reception desk first. With the desk being the focus of the room, the size you end up choosing will have a great impact on how much space is left to work within the rest of the room.

After your desk has been selected, determining how much space you’ll have for guest seating comes next. Metal frame guest chairs, lounge chairs, and moulded timber beam seats are designed to match the reception desks which allows you to integrate a coordinating look through the waiting room.


Modular Look for Less
Determining just how much seating you’ll need to adequately outfit your waiting room can at times pose a challenge. You do not only need to consider how many people you will need to seat on average, but you will also need to think about how much physical space is available including the changes your business may likely go through throughout the years.

The solution is having affordable modular waiting room seating. Our seating is designed to be used in multiple configurations, meaning you will be able to make changes to the layout of your waiting room by shifting the configuration as often as you’d like to. From straight Sofa like arrangements against a wall to zigzag pattern switches in the middle of the room, your options are limitless.

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