AL-13 (GSM-250)

Airport troley/cart, Airport luggage trolley/cart, Airport baggage trolley/cart:

Model:AL-13 (GSM-250)

1. Load-bearing: 250kg;

2. Overall size: 980*670*990mm;

3. Material: 6063 high strength aluminum alloy;

4. Size of basket: 525*220*150mm;

5. Advertising space: 6,521 cm2;

6. Nesting distance: 265mm;

7. With self-adjusting automatic handle brake;

8. Handle: Round tube handle;

9. Protection function of front bumper;

10. Stainless steel/powder coated steel basket;

11. Engagement system for transport 10-20 trolley by manual;

12. Wheel: two fixed & one swivel nature rubber antinoise wheels.

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